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The Champagne knives are used to open a Champagne bottle. It is a curved knife, curved backsword. This technique of opening champagne with any edged weapon is called Sabrage. Usually, the term, saber or saber refers to the knives or swords used for opening champagne bottles.

Sabre is backsword that has following features

  • Curved
  • Single-edged blade
  • Large handguard.

The large hand guard is present to cover the knuckles, thumb, and forefinger. Some people thought such knives as a slashing item due to the edged blade. Moreover, the length of the sabers varies. People carry the most sabers in a scabbard hanging from a shoulder belt or a waist-mounted sword belt. The replica swords and knives are buyable from our site. You will find these cheap swords up-to quality standards:

  • Champagne Golden Knives

       These are the beautiful golden champagne knives that are used to open the bottle of wine in any ceremony.

  • Champagne Silver Knives

The quality of the silver knives for opening the bottle of champagne is premium and is plated with silver. The term used to open the champagne bottle using these swords is called Sabrage.

  • German SS Dress Sword

This is the product with more style which looks more beautiful when using as the opening with a saber.

How to saber a bottle of champagne?

People open a champagne bottle with a knife on ceremonial occasions. They hold the saber on a bottleneck tilted about 20 degrees. And then they slide the knife towards the neck. One hits the lip of the bottle by the backside of the blade. This act breaks the glass and separates the collar from the neck of the bottle. The cork and collar fall together when separated from the bottle’s neck. One does not use the sharp edge of the knife/sword. Instead, he turns it around.

Where to buy champagne swords?

Our customers can buy the best online swords exclusively from our site. These swords are available at cheap rates. Some swords have short blades; around 12 inches long and resemble large knives.


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