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The helmets are the basic part of the armor and these have been worn out through the centuries in the wars. These are basically used for protection. They come in a large number of shapes and designs which also holds cultural significance. The basic kinds of helmets are given below:

  • Greek helmets

We offer the Greek warrior helmet for sale on our online store with full customization. You will get the best quality product here.

  • Roman Helmets
  • Gladiator helmets

These Roman gladiator helmets are considered as one of the best looking helmets. They are made up of high-quality stainless steel with amazing finishing. We offer such beautiful helmet replicas at very affordable prices and also available on customization.

The Deluxe Coppergate Helmet

The copper gate movie helmets are also known as the York helmet. These warrior helmets consist of the following features:

  • Round composite head protection
  • All the elements are combined together by rivets.
  • Also, give the cheek protection with metal strips

These replica helmets are available on our online store in a various number of types and sizes. We also made these roman helmets on customization.


The shield is also lain in the most essential part of protection in the wars in past times. These are used for the protection against the sword strokes. Shields vary greatly in sizes and shapes. They can be of full-body or to protect some parts of the body. Some of the great shields are as follow:

Captain America’s Shield:

This is one of the most famous shield's armor in the worlds due to remain intact with captain America almost every single minute in every movie. This shield of armor contains a very large number of features which can be as below:

  • Impenetrable shields.
  • Moves smoothly in wind with the aerodynamic property.
  • Resistance against extreme conditions of temperature.

We offer best replicas armor shields for sale in the US with very reasonable prices and of great quality material.

300 Spartan Shield:

This armor shield is also very famous due to the movie 300 Spartan. You can buy these great shields from our online store in the US. Some of the key features of these shields are:

  • Thick enough to bear the stroke of the sword.
  • The very high-quality material of stainless steel.

One of the strongest medieval armor

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Helmets and Shields


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