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The medieval swords are very popular in the United States due to their

  • Look
  • Sensation
  • Quality
  • Durability

Our platform gives the whole new medieval longswords and this is our foremost commitment to give these with best quality stainless steel. And these are the features which made us very popular among other online stores of collectibles, armor and museum curators.

Some of the famous real medieval swords and full tang swords are as follow which are available on our online store:

Black Baron Sword:

This is the massive battle sword which came in the 14th century and got very popular in medieval battles. It possesses’ some of the very fine features out which some are stated below:

  • It has a very comfortable handle of wooden.
  • Very good in strength as it is made up of stainless steel.
  • It has 7-8 inches edges which increase its popularity.

Black Knight No. 1 Claymore Sword:

This also lists among one of the very fine swords of our store it has the following key features:

  • It has the polished hard wooden and pommel contrast which gives great control.
  • Very high-quality product with resistance against rust and other damaging things.

We offer best replica claymore swords for sale all across the US with zero shipping charges. These are the very functional medieval swords which have its own importance among the family of swords. 

Medieval battle swords are the best for use on the battlefield which makes these swords historical.  The replicas of those historian swords made an impression on heritage and culture. These claymore armory swords are carried by the great people in history. Medieval swords are one of the most selling swords nowadays. It reminds us of the royalty which it possessed in past times.

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Medieval Swords


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