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Privacy Policy

Our will take great care of your privacy. We don’t store the information of your credit and debit card on our database. Thus you can place your order without thinking about the fraud or risk of loss of your sensitive information. Here are some critical points that are very important for you to understand our privacy policy.

What type of user’s information will be stored in our database?

The user’s personal information, excluding debit and credit card, are very vital for us to improve your interaction with the Here are the information types that we will collect from our customers.

•  Personal information:

When you place an order on, your following information will be stored in our database to recognize you on your second visit.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Billing Address
  • Telephone Number

These information points are essential for delivery purpose. As you are a valuable customer, therefore, we don’t sell or use your personal information for any other sake. It is also against US Law. Consequently, don’t worry about your data after placing an order on our website. It is in safe hands.

•  Email communications:

Whenever you contact us through email, your email information will be stored on the system of Apart from this, we will also receive a confirmation email whenever you open our mail. But this will happen only if your device has such features.

•  Information Collection through Cookies:

Our website will store small files on the hard drive of your device on your every visit. The small files are commonly known as cookies. These files will collect your IP address, geographical location, browser’s information, operating system information, and many other things.

These information points are essential for you as they will give us information about, which pages users are liking the most and which they are disliking. Google Analytics cookies are also embedded in our website that will track the number of user’s visit.

Children can’t place an order for our products:

If you are below 18, then you can’t place an order on our website as you don’t have credit or debit card. Plus, the products that we are selling are 18+. Therefore, children can’t place the order. If they are interested, then their parents or guardian can place an order on their behalf.